Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sushi For Lunch...?

Well as you may know the Misses is pregnant and she has been feeling nauseas since day one, now that the baby is really doing some growing she has been feeling abit under the weather for that past few days, but she still drug herself out of the house to go and support one of my awesome coworkers at his drag show, unfortunately we didn’t stay since it was at a smoked filled bar, we opted to go play putt with a couple friends. Then we headed home just after midnight.

The next morning she wasn’t feeling any better, so she forgot to pack me some breakfast and I figured I’d just go out and grab a quick lunch. (Yes she does pack my lunch and breakfast on top of a bunch of other amazing things she does for me before i go to work) what can i say she is AWESOME!!!
Well after trying to find something for breakfast and realizing that our cafĂ© was closed on the work campus i had to resort to the wheel of death (vending machine) I settled for a ham and swiss on rye which wasn’t the worst thing I have eaten but was on my top 10 list now, might have even bumped .25 hot dogs from the 7-11.
Give it 24 hours and I will know where this so called ham and swiss sets on the list. (side note; blog idea top 10 worst food ever eaten open discussion style) well I ate it and it got me thru to afternoon break when I ate some of my normal things; grapes and a banana. Side note while eating my banana I really wish my 3rd story office window would open....I love throwing banana peels at or out of things but especially out of a moving car, I always imaging/wish a car behind me is going to hit it and spin out and lose all their coins and yoshi or donkey kong will come from behind and steal them away....

Back to the main blog; see how easy it is for me to ramble....
After asking everyone to go and get something to eat with me I figured I would just go eat alone, until I found the spot I wanted to eat at, and I knew the first coworker I asked would definitely cave in and forget about his lunch that he brought to go and get some sushi.
I have heard a few good things about Origami sushi from coworkers and read a few good reviews so I decided to head out that way on my lunch hour (3:30pm). After running a little late on something I was doing for a customer at work, I sprint out to the parking garage and head over to the sushi place. It’s located in a little strip mall with a few other stores. The parking lot was small but rather empty. We walk in and its was extremely nice, like something you would expect down on bay street of somewhere off westshore. As our hostess showed us our seat, I notice the huge sushi bar, now I love watching my sushi being prepared an even like to talk to the sushi chefs (itamae). It’s about the experience but this go round it was about eating and heading back to work ASAP since I was strapped for time. So we decide to grab a booth.

They have a great looking menu, I mean everything has a picture beside it which makes the menus huge they come out in a 3 ring binder. I got their lunch special 3 rolls for 11.95 that comes with ginger salad and your choice of soup. I went with miso, and it was great along with the salad. I can say this place has great food, and the sushi is fresh I ordered an eel avocado roll, a tuna cucumber roll, and a spicy salmon roll.

After enjoying the soup and salad the rolls arrive and they look amazing, they fill a quite large plate. So I dig in, the eel was fresh and taste amazing. The wasbi and ginger mixed with soy sauce complimented the rolls perfectly. The tuna was tasty and had the perfect texture, the spicy salmon wasn’t as spicy as I had hoped for but the crunch that they add to the roll made up for what was lacking. The person I went with enjoyed their rolls just as much as I did.

Since this blog has been written I have been back three times or more, getting different rolls each time, I have tried their eel cucumber and a wakame roll. Which I have to say if you have never tried wakame, next time you are at your favorite sushi spot ask for it. It’s a sea vegetable, or edible seaweed. It has a subtly sweet flavor and helps burn fatty tissue. The wife has had their spicy chicken roll, since she is pregnant and can’t have any raw fish she settles for cooked rolls. Every time I have been the service was amazing as well as the food.

I can say that I will be back time and time again to Origami Sushi, it will be on my favorite place to go for lunch while at work list pretty much at the top. So if you are looking for a place to hit during lunch, someplace for date night, or just a fan of good fresh sushi be sure to check out; Origami Sushi at:

6507 west waters ave │ tampa fl 33634

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