Friday, November 4, 2011

Yummy what?

So while on another one of our day dates/
errand running the Misses and I were on our way back from the farmers market. With her being pregnant she has been craving Chinese food ever since she became unsatisfied from the local Chinese take out spot around the corner. So I proclaimed to settle that craving once and for all (little did I know I would start a somewhat of a snowball effect) but it is one of my pet peeves to let a craving just go. So I have been wanting to go to Yummy house ever since I was browsing urbanspoon for a spot to get lunch at, but all my co-workers said it was too far to drive for lunch. I don't mind driving somewhere and having to eat lunch at my desk as long as the food is worth it. Plus I read nothing but great reviews and heard that they usually had a line waiting for a place to sit. So it sounded like a for sure thing, but as much as I tried no one would trek out the for lunch with me. So who better to take than my better half, she never complains. We pull up to the older strip mall and wonder if this could really be the right place? We walked in regardless of what the outside looked like, when we came through the door the thought crossed my mind again. Really with the plastic table clothes, poster board hand written signs and a few other turn and run signs I still decided to try eat. I mean my favorite restaurant in Tampa is a bus. So our waiter came and asks for drinks and hands us a menu. As we look them over there are so many great options but only a few things that I could eat since starting this new way of life/cleaner eating. So the misses gets some egg rolls, orange chicken and I got the sizzling grouper pot.

 Let me go ahead and say that we went there again and we ordered; schezwan chicken, and 8 treasure sizzling pot.

If the return trip tells you anything the food was delicious, not overly fried, or packed with sodium like most Chinese places in Tampa. The grouper pot was amazing, the grouper was perfectly cooked and the sauce tasted great. The combination of fish, tofu, garlic and mushrooms came to a perfect medley of taste. She loved her orange chicken, said it was just a little to "orangie" for her to reorder it. Her egg rolls were more like spring rolls that we get at our favorite Thai spot, but were good none the less.

The schezwan chicken was the best I've ever had, and I order it as one of my main go to dishes for any Chinese place. Again the sauce they use for their food is perfect! Her 8 treasures pot had tons of seafood, tofu, pork, beef, mushrooms and again the sauce that is a true delight. Nothing would taste bad with this sauce on it, but the "treasures" inside were cooked to perfection. I tried a few, and this will be my next order. We plan to go back time and time again. As well as plan to check out their hillsborough ave location. So if you are in the mood to try some pretty close to authentic Chinese food check out Yummy house at;

2202 W Waters Ave
Tampa, FL 33604

Yummy House on Urbanspoon

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