Sunday, May 8, 2011

Give me a reason

Well again you should already know this (if you've been reading) I got a new job, and we went out to Cooters for a celebration. Well I finished my first 40 hour work week in a few months, and it felt great. All that time in the office I wanted to let loose and relax a bit, but I'm not a drinker (anymore) so bars and clubs have gotten old anyway. I really wanted another reason to celebrate too!

I couldn't find any place better to relax a bit other than a small restaurant. I found a new pizza place out of a local paper I wanted to go to a few months back, so I decided to go there, but after some last minute reading and reviews I opted to go to our favorite pizza place. Plus we haven't ate pizza from anywhere else in about 2 years if not longer. Since I already knew the quality of the food, and they opened a new dining room and released new pizzas for the experience. I wanted to check it out.

So I invited a friend, me and the misses head to the spot.  I get there a few minutes late (its one of the things I do).... We meet our friend outside and my wife gives him the first of a new cupcake recipe she had just baked. Then we head in. Welcome to Best NY Pizza, the greet you when you walk in the door. The place has a upscale pizzeria feel to it, with a casual dining room right inside the front door, a short walk and we reach the new dining area. I have to say it was very nice, from the dim lights, the candles, soft music playing and an amazing visual attraction (you'll have to go to find out what it is). We are greeted and promptly seated in a nice booth. As we start going over the new part of the menu. I end up going with a my favorite pizza "The Best"  in their personal size, my wife went with their new "Mexican Taco" pizza, our friend opted to be the different one and got a Philly Cheese Steak. We placed the order and got a few garlic knots to hold us over until dinner came.

After some great conversation and admiring how nice the new dining area was. Enjoying the amazing garlic knots, our dinner arrives. The pizza looked wonderful and the cheese steak was equally as appealing. See for your self;

The Best
Mexican Taco Pizza
Philly Cheese Steak

My "Best Pizza" is always wonderful, so much flavor and the perfect texture every time. This time was even better since it came right from the oven into my mouth!! The "Mexican Taco" pizza looked even better in person than it did in the menu picture. The taste was perfect, a great balance of everything you would think of in a taco pizza. From what I was told the Philly cheese steak was good, but the bun was soggy, sorry for that Norm. I said their Pizza was the best, and the other food was

So if you're in Tampa and want the most amazing pizza in the city, a great atmosphere, or order the pizza to take home, make sure to stop into my favorite and soon to be your favorite pizza place; Best NY Pizza located at 14741 N Dale Mabry, Tampa Fl. 33618

Best NY Pizza on Urbanspoon

Make sure to say hello to the chef, Norm did!

Since we're on the topic of pizza I might as well post a recipe. The beginning of April I bought a 20lbs beef brisket for my wifes birthday. I cut half of it for smoking and the other half to try to make corned beef. Back on yopic, after we had the smoked beef brisket the fiorst night we had plenty of leftsovers, so it was time to get creative. I whipped this beauty up one night and cant wait to make it again. It was the best leftovers have ever tasted. I also plan to try this with chicken, and it would probably work well with pork if thats youe thing(its not mine).

BBQ Brisket Pizza

Pizza dough:
1/2 tbls Basil
1/2 tbls Cilantro
1/2 ts Rosemary (broken up in hand)
20 grinds Pepper
1 box jiffy pizza crust
Mix dough per the instructions on box, add the above ingredients.

BBQ Mix:
1/4 cup Bbq sauce
Splash Favorite vinegar
1/2 tbs Worcestershire
1tbs Garlic
1/4 tbs Apple juice
1/2 cut red onion

Pizza Sauce:
1/3 cup Favorite tom sauce (I prefer homemade)
1/4 cup Bullseye BBQ sauce
 1tbs minced garlic
Splash worcestershire
 Splash garlic red wine vinegar
 Fresh ground pepper
 Pinch dill
Pinch marjoram
 Pinch cilantro
 Pinch thyme

Italian mix shredded cheese to top

1 1/2 lb well smoked beef brisket
Melt remaining fat off in skillet. Chop it up, put in a bag with bbq mixture, thoroughly coat and set aside. Spoon pizza sauce on crust then add beef and onion mixture from bag, top with cheese and bake 15-20 min.

Eat & Enjoy!!

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